We believe that the primary objective of sound corporate governance is to contribute to improved corporate performance and accountability in creating long-term shareholder value.

DGT Holding Corp. is committed to being a leader in the area of corporate governance reform. Examples of this include:

  • The position of Chairman and CEO is separate
  • DGT has established an (a) audit; (b) stock option and compensation committee; and (c) nominating and corporate governance committee;
  • Each committee has a written charter detailing its responsibilities.
  • If you would like to further discuss our position on corporate governance, feel free to email our corporate compliance officer at or telephone us at 631-231-6400. In the meantime, please download any of the following documents:

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    Corporate Governance Principles View PDF 27.0 KB
    Code of Business Conduct, Ethics, and Compliance View PDF 96.6 KB
    Audit Committee Charter View PDF 96.7 KB
    Compensation Committee Charter View PDF 90.2 KB
    Governance and Nominating Committee Charter View PDF 12.6 KB